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Natural Cream Basics.

All Natural skin creams are made with three base ingredients: 

You need to get these basics right every time before you add other ingredients. Di water is distilled water, there's no variable there. That leaves two big variables in the mix:

  • The type of Plant Oil.
  • The type of Emulsifier.

We founded our brand with one basic concept, source the most reliable and sustainable ingredients without compromising affectation. For us the choice was simple, we knew Californian olive oil from our tasting room, and there was only one type of Emulsifier that was made of Olive Oil instead Palm Oil.

We also knew that the choice of what type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to use would be critical. There are many types from robust to delicate in flavor. Thorough knowledge of these types and months of trial and error led us to the conclusion that only one type of EVOO was suitable for our products. The type is our hard-earned trade secret!



  • Loaded with skin-friendly nutrients, anti-oxidants, and ultra moisturizing squalene.
  • Has beauty provenance, dating back to Ancient Greece and Cleopatra. 
  • Closer to your skin’s own oil than any other natural oil.   
  • Reliably sourced from a local California grower. (We simply don’t trust container-ship oils like Argan, Jojoba from other continents.)
  • Certified Extra Virgin by the COOC. (California Olive Oil Council) and Organic by the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers).
  • Sustainably sourced.