Carolïna Gramm

Carolïna is a hardy breed and also a survivor. She was orphaned at birth by a member of what remained of her aristocratic family, a family that had mostly disintegrated  sometime before WW1. It is this lineage that is responsible for her regal look. The House of Chanel no doubt saw this in her when they casted her as the next “Chanel N°5 Chanel Girl,” early in her modeling career. In a way her lost heritage had been restored to its former gloryif only in a fantasy…


Carolina grew up with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and now also runs a EVOO tasting room in Ojai. It was through her unparalleled access to many different types of EVOO that she found the most suitable type of EVOO to use on the skin. Which type we use is our most valuade trade secret.

Jack Bunce

Jack was a young professional race care driver living in NYC in the off seasons when the fashion world found him. His first winter there he was discovered by Antonio, a  famous fashion illustrator. Bruce Weber soon photographed Jack for an article about his racing career published in L'Uomo Vogue. He once had more than thirty pages of ads and editorial shoots in one issue of this magazine, and that was just the beginning. Jack became a celebrated model known for creating a new younger, more androgynous look that remains in fashion until this day.

After his modeling days, Jack went on to restore historic estates in the Hudson Valley with his wife, Carolina.  Their work was documented by various interior design and lifestyle magazines. During this time he also produced an exclusive Stephen Spouse collection for Bergdorf Goodman. He is now a Gulfstream Captain and avid cyclist along with being the creative director for EVS.